Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I actually made and kept an eye exam appointment for today.  I have a major eye phobia so it's been....oh......about 20 years from my last one.

She used the word retina too many times for my liking...blew a puff of air into my eyeball....then put drops in them that made me look like I was related to Satan....and then had to nerve to charge me $139 for the horrid experience...but I survived.  As my eyesight turned out to be fine and I don't even need reading glasses might be another 20 years before I return.

Also helping me feel young is that I am now 4 weeks into my fitness regime.....I haven't lost any weight, but I've lost some inches and my butt feels a lot more....I don't know.....perkier and pluffier?  So I know its working.  Today I had a massage.  Normally when I get a massage I feel like a train wreck after because I always go for the deep tissue massage.....I work a desk job so my neck and lower back are usually sore.  But this time when she asked what's been bothering me I said "nothing really"....she found a few knots here and there but was easily able to work them out.....
I would say over all for a woman nearing 45 in a few months, I am aging quite well.  I have less wrinkles than some women I see in their 30s and very few grey hairs and I can get out of a chair without if I can just keep this up for another 10 to 15 years, I'll be good!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I think Adele really needs to learn how to recover from breakups better.  I mean really, two albums over 3 years and she's still carrying on about it.

She really needs to be more like us Aries girls.....for me, when either I end a relationship or someone else ends it.....they are forgotten about as soon as the words "we're over" are out......I can't even remember the last time I pined for someone or sat around moping or being angry that someone left.  I have a friend going through a break up right now.....I both want to hug her and slap this post is kind of for her although she probably won't appreciate the value in it for another month or so.

The way I look at it....I'm not a cheater or a there is never anything for me to apologize or feel sorry for....if me being me wasn't compatible with him being him, then so be it....never in my life will I beg a man to be with me or stay with me....ever......on the other hand if the guy turned out to be loser, liar, creep, dysfunctional moron or whatever.....who am I to be angry with?  him for being him?  or me for putting up with it for more than 30 seconds.....probably me.....the worst is when you already know they are a dysfunctional loser-moron and you stick around just a few moments too long and they break up with you!....that is the only circumstance where I will take a few moments and pause to bang my head on the wall.....but then pull my socks up and get rid of any trace we ever knew each other and pretend it never happened!....I call that closure by elimination.

Someone that is no longer in your life doesn't deserve to still be in your head. Why do so many women let the man decide if she can be with him or not?....I hear too many times women asking a man to choose between her or some other thanks....she can have him....I'll do the deciding in that case....big life lesson here ladies....If a guys walks out on you and you didn't do anything really wrong THEN HE DOESN'T DESERVE TAKING UP SPACE IN YOUR HEAD.....also another lesson I learned over my "dark years".....Silence is almost always your best answer.....STOP going on Facebook and social media.....and for the love of all that is holy don't EVER pick up the phone or text ever.......never ever ever....its over.....move on.....don't answer his calls, don't comment on his comments (why do we insist on staying FB friends with exes?.)...that's stupid...breakups were better in the 80s - you just never saw or heard from them we have stupid FB and people insist on staying friends with their exes.....why on Earth would you want an ex having any access to the inner goings on of your life???...and please don't write a song about it....and if you do write a song about it.....don't ever let him hear it.

Girl, put your big girl panties on.....realize that some time was wasted and move forward vowing to choose better next time...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I've started and stopped about 6 blog posts this week....I just got nothing.

I went to brunch with my MOTIS friends today.....they always make me glad I'm not married....its enough for me to live vicariously through their sounds quite horrid really.

The kids and I decided on our Christmas theme this year....Ethiopian.....I'd best get practicing making injera since it is pretty much the staple dish....I can't believe this might be our last Christmas all together for awhile with Cecilia starting university next year.  

Yeah......that's it......I told you I had here is a PSA Cecilia posted on my Facebook wall that she remembered from her childhood......its probably the most disturbing and awesome thing ever put on Canadian television........its kept my kids off drugs so far...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The boy child has gotten himself a girlfriend from school.  Its been almost a whole week - so its clearly long term.

Now he comes home from rehearsals after school and immediately heads to his room to Skype with her all night.

He's also been taking some pretty long and frequent showers.....

I have obviously had some discussions with him over the years about girls and gentlemanly behavior.....the night before their first date (at the mall) I knocked on the bathroom door and told him I just wanted to talk to him for a few minutes.....he says "Oh God Mom, is this about rape, because I already know not to Roofie her"....

It wasn't about rape.....not really.....I just wanted him to remember to always be a gentleman....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I accidentally dropped one of my birth control pills on the kitchen floor when piercing the cellophane bubble it was encased I can't find it......all that keeps running through my mind is that commercial where the woman asks "imagine knowing your pregnant the moment it happens"......this feels a bit like that.....I can't help but feel impending doom......I think I'm going to have to scour the kitchen floor like I'm looking for a contact lens.....just so I can sleep tonight.

Why do they make those pills so small!!???.....daily vitamins they make the size of horse suppositories you couldn't lose in bag of jelly beans.....but something really important that could prevent a horrible accident from occurring over a bottle of Pinot Noir....and they make it in nanometers!

The good news is, we got our flu shots that at least that is one tragedy that will not befall us.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I have these neighbors across the way from me....they have a large front corner, pie shaped when Halloween comes, they usually create a graveyard scene.  Its pretty cool and I like that they get involved as so many on our street don't even turn their lights on and give out candy on Halloween.

Halloween is my most favorite day of the year and I will openly admit to going a bit overboard on my decor.  But this year those same neighbors not only did their graveyard scene they went all out and created life sized mummies, a giant animatronic Grim Reaper complete with fog machine and a haunted house they created from their equipment trailer.  People were stopping and taking pictures!

Our house just looked sad in comparison,

I have to seriously up my game next year.  They left me in the dust.  However, the good thing was they attracted crowds so we got a lot of residual business thanks to their efforts.

Friday, October 30, 2015

I wanted to be excited to go to work this morning, but I've gotten a head cold from one of my co-workers and I think I pushed my luck with it by going to spin class last night because I woke up feeling terrible.  But its also the day before Halloween which is my favorite day of the year.

Yesterday I came in early and decorated the office with Roger, my life sized skeleton for the waiting room and Gretchen, my 7 foot tall witch.  I brought in all kinds of things and really encouraged everyone to dress up today.  But when you don't feel well, its really hard to put in the effort.  So my costume turned out to be a bit lackluster and by noon I finally realized I needed to go home and sleep it off.

Of course, realizing it and then actually getting out of the office are two different things....there are always a bunch of "before you questions"....which I finally managed to dodge and head home....but going into the house I met up with my I was forced into a few minutes of chit chat.....and then when I realized I forgot my purse in the car and had to go back out - I ran into my neighbor, Ernie, who tends to talk your ear off.....which he did for another 20 minutes!  So by the time I actually got into the house and into my pajamas - it was 2 o'clock.

Anyways, I still feel terrible, but I managed to get some groceries and I don't have any pressing work that needs to be done so I should be able to get to bed early so I can wake up feeling better tomorrow.

I have to feel better - I have bones and gravestones to strew about my yard and scary lights to string up....Halloween on a Saturday night??? that only comes every 7 years - I have to make the most of it.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Muahahhahahahha!